Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I think it will be interesting to see what the new Marketplace Multiply will look like. Will it be another Ebay? or Itsy? I wonder if I can set up my own online yard sale on it. Yanno, instead of sitting outside underneath a canopy in the heat of the day, swatting bugs and the like, I can just sit at my computer and get rid of all my junk in the house that I don't want anymore.


  1. there is big rumor emphasis on rumor that sellers are bailing
    there may be not multiply at all

  2. I don't blame them for that Betsy. I think it's pretty dumb of Multiply to think they will be able to compete in the market with Ebay and other selling websites. After all Multiply was a great place to blog and post pictures and get to know people. They are making a huge error in my way of thinking but hey...they will find out when the dust settles and this space looks like a ghost town. I am moving my favorite blogs to my computer and from now on will save everything I post of value. A lesson learned not to get too comfortable in this cyber world anywhere, because the rug can get pulled at any time the host feels like it.

  3. agree Sheila, lesson learned
    am cleaning house and saving archive as well

    i'll see if can grab link about all the toodoo going on

  4. am not sure of permanent site but right now am in ipernity, xanga, and myopera for social
    fyi, xanga allows music uploads, both ipernity and xanga gave me free months premium

    this is wordpress can always find me here until figure out which site is best