Thursday, August 16, 2012

Abandon Ship

As Multiply sinks into the dark abyss of cyber sea, we all have scrambled to find our own life rafts since the builders of this ship haven't provided any.  So I suppose I will let this be my last blog and leave you my dear friends with the links for my new homes. Yes, I said homes.  Only on the internet can most of us boast several abodes of our own choosing.  I sailed off into the wild blue yonder and found a few sites to my liking and decided to develop them to the best of my abilities and knowledge so that I can hopefully come to feel as comfy in them as I have felt here.  

Some of you may have washed up on other shores and if you have, I hope you will at least check out these sites and maybe even as my good friend Aaran suggested, open a Twitter account and link it to the site of your choosing.  That would give us all a better grip on our blogs and such and some sort of independence.  I have a hunch Twitter just might be more stable and seaworthy than Multiply has been.

So here are my links:

So that's it folks.  My plan is just to save to disk, my favorite posts from here because I don't really want to save the political ones...the pictures I posted in albums are already on my computer so no worries there.  

Hope to see all of you somewhere out there somewhere :)