Monday, May 21, 2012

Finally landed in upper Scotland yesterday. I have been traveling so many miles throughout England by train and the English countryside in the south end is indescribably gorgeous! Rolling green hills, patchworked with fields off yellow rapeseed brighten the landscape even when the skies are overcast. There has been limited access to wifi in my travels but as soon as I settle this evening I plan to post. For now, I'm going to hop off for a while and let the computer charge. Been downloading from my camera and it's depleted. Pics to post soon, I promise.


  1. You will love Scotland. I know from Loretta's photos.

  2. sounds so exciting :)
    can't wait to see pics, have fun !

  3. welcome to Scotland you will love it its the best looking country in the world.

  4. yes to the countryside in the south.... moors? exmoors? that area? whereverrrrrrrrrrrrr you are i'm sure you'll be posting some exceptional pics.... (just please make sure you're in a few? r&t take pics from all over this bluetiful planet and my only mini-grrr is they're hardly in any)..

    hey... if possible, kindly give one of those out-in-the-meadow-pony's a hug from me?

    hey, kindly have someone in the train's bar-car give you a hug from me... and/or at your next pub....

    as always, smooch optional... (tho ohhhh sooooo encouraged)

  5. oh wait... i SO misread... so, done with south-eng country... now in land of scot... well, i do not know what the pony-possibility is in scot... so, if no can do, maybe a wild goat?

    sheeeeiiiiiiiieeeeiiiiiilala.... whatever you do or do don't, please just spread those warm-hearted smiles thru your travels..... you're the unofficial (<- therefore, no pressure) goodwill ambassador of chaaah...